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Remember the project I and :iconadipatijulian: is working on? I was never good with making a resume out of a story, so when people asked me about what the story in Panji Cycle is about, I couldn’t came out with anything. I can say that it’s a very long cycle of story, each part has its own branches of story, and to add it up there are a lot of versions of it. Connected to the cycle are some of familiar folktales to Indonesians, such as Keong Mas, Ande-ande Lumut, etc. Still, I can’t give out the story in short. So instead I will tell you the version I know.

In the Hindu-Buddhist era of our history, our archipelago was dominated by an empire named Srivijaya which was based on the island of Sumatra. Kingdoms in Java too, were influenced by the empire. But there was a kingdom strong enough to resist Srivijaya, its name was Medang (929-1006). Medang succeeded to make colonies out of Bali and part of western Kalimantan. This Javanese kingdom was quite influential, proven by the mention of its name in a Malay inscription in the Philippines (which is believed as Srivijaya’s).

At one time (year 990), Medang kingdom under King Sri Teguh Dharmawangsa (985-1006) of the Isyana dynasty was confident enough to attack Srivijaya and tried to overtake the capital Palembang but failed. The empire wasn’t going to let this go, and apparently started to plan something with its ally in Java, Worawari kingdom with their king, King Sri Jayabupati.

Princess Mahendradata Gunapriya Dharmapadni of Isyana dynasty was married to the king of Bali, King Udayana of Warmadewa dynasty. They had a son named Airlangga. Prince Airlangga lived in the court of his uncle King Sri Teguh Dharmawangsa, and by the custom of that time was engaged to the king’s daughter, his own cousin, Princess Dyah Sri Laksmi. When he was 16 years old the kingdom rejoiced to celebrate their wedding. Too bad, their time of joy was disturbed because it was the time when Srivijaya retaliated with its ally Worawari kingdom. The capital Turyyan was completely destroyed, Watugaluh palace was burned to the ground, and even the royal temple Tajung Muang couldn’t withstand its fate. The king, along with Mahendradata and other nobilities were killed in the ambush, but Airlangga, Dyah Sri Laksmi and a friend named Narotama were lucky enough to escape through a secret passageway.

In Makutho, they learned about a lot from the knowledgeable hermit Mpu Kanwa. Three years later, Airlangga decided to rebuild Medang kingdom with the support of Mpu Kanwa and his disciples, and so the capital was built in year 1019 and named as “Kahuripan” (also known as Koripan), which means “life” as a sign of the rebirth of Medang. A new royal temple was also built and named as Tajung Muang Anom (“Young Tajung Muang” in reference of the old Tajung Muang in Turryan).

Airlangga and Dyah Sri Laksmi had a daughter named Kilisuci. Kilisuci was the crown princess and she was supposed to be the heir of the kingdom. Everybody loved her as she was a wise and good-mannered princess and sure that she would make a good queen, but she herself was more interested in learning about religion and faith. So when it was time for her to take upon the throne, the good-natured princess refused as she preferred to live as a hermit in Selomangleng cave. This caused a succession crisis as this left the throne to her 2 step brothers Mapanji Garasakan and Samarawijaya. The 2 brothers were known as ill-mannered princes, but as the rule went they were the legitimate heirs in line after the crown princess declined. So Airlangga, with the advice of his counselors decided to divide the kingdom equally to the 2 brothers;

1. The area south of Brantas River including Penanggungan Mountain (where Airlangga went to become a hermit) was given to Samarawijaya, with the name of Kediri/Panjalu Kingdom with its capital Dhahanapura (Dhaha).
2. The area north of Brantas River including Selomangleng cave (where Kilisuci went to become a hermit) was given to Mapanji Garasakan, with the name of Jenggala Kingdom with the old capital Kahuripan.

The decision was thought as a good decision for some times. But after Airlangga died, the two brothers let hatred and envy got the better of them which lead to war between the two kingdoms by the year of 1052.

Amidst this chaotic relationship between the sisterly kingdoms stories and legends emerged. So was the case of Panji story. According to the story, Panji Asmara Bangun or Raden Inu Kertapati was the son of Prabu Lembu Amiluhur, a king of Jenggala, while Galuh Candra Kirana or Dyah Sekartaji was a princess of Kediri, daughter of Kertamerta.
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